Kev Smith [aka sync24sounds] has been DJ'ing and producing music since the early 90’s - Originally he was based in Portsmouth, UK but is now living blissfully next to the sea in Whitstable.

He started out using trackers on an Atari A500 and progressed to an Analogue mixer [Mackie 1604vlz] and a 16 track midi setup on a PC with Cubase VST 3.5 and was fortunate enough to own some ground breaking equipment such as the Roland TB303, the MC202 and the analogue modeling JP8080 synth. Along with this kit was a JV1080, and a couple of Novation racks [Drum/Bass station]  plus some outboard FX-

Eventually, seeing the rapid progression of software synths and the improvement of personal computer based processing power the transition to a full computer based digital studio was made, leaving behind his beloved Spirit Absolute 4P Powered Monitors and a Behringer 8 track mixer to take care of the signals.

He is now working with Steinberg Cubase 6 and such plugins such as Spectrasonics, ReFX, Albino, Guru and of course Propellerheads Reason 5

During his working day, he is an IT consultant specilising in Redhat/SuSE Linux and Solaris 10 Operating systems for various investment banking clients based in the city of London.

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TWITTER: sync24

My latest studio production can be found here
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Kev Smith - Whitstable, Kent. UK

Self proclaimed musical computer geek

Love to make beats, bleeps & sweeps. Long time user of Cubase, Reason and a plethora of VST’s. Spinner of vinyl and addicted follower of everything musical from downtempo / ambient to tough house and techno. 

The media player is offline at the moment - drop me a mail/DM @ twitter if need be or you can find my latest track here

Disclaimer / Carbon BASED LIFEFORMS
I am nothing to do with Daniel Ringström from Carbon Based Lifeforms who unfortunately took the name ‘sync24’ after I had all ready been using it [from 1994]